Renaissance Computing Services Inc.
Renaissance Computing Services has the ability to create customized web application solutions that will satisfy your organizational needs without sacrificing the need for a smooth user experience. RCS has a history of providing web application solutions that ensure strong security, minimal latency, and logical user interface.

With an expert staff, RCS has been able to consistently deliver quality web application solutions without bloating project budget that commonly occurs because of the need to add staffing to meet project deadlines. RCS makes it an effort to ensure that before a project begins that the project team fully understands the project scope and ensures that the project schedule is amicable to the project team. Although this is not common practice, RCS wants to protect its clients and keep our reputation to deliver quality, timely solutions intact.

Below are screenshots of web applications that RCS has built for clients or assisted clients developing.

24 by 7 Client Portal Site
Dynamic Portal site. Side menu and main body differ according to each login.
Although web applications are the common trend in today's computing needs, there still exists a need to develop custom Windows applications. Renaissance Computing Services can design and create customized application solutions that will improve your existing workflows. RCS can analyze your current business process and identify ways to improve overall performance and identify manual tasks that can be automated. RCS has worked with enterprise sized corporations and small businesses and can work within various budgets to deliver quality solutions.

Below are screenshots of customized applications that RCS has built for clients.

Claims Processing System
Claims processing system.

Medical Claims Tracking System Screenshot of Print functionality
Medical claims tracking with a screenshot of printed screen sample.